The Canon

Published 15 June 2019 | Posted under CreativeWriting

I wrote a little poem called “The Canon” during my university days. The Canon is a term which represents the accepted list of documents of a specific genre. In English Literature, there is an accepted list of stories, poems and plays which are considered required reading if you want to understand the arts of Western culture and civilization. Almost every English department in any university will have courses teaching Shakespeare, Milton, Woodsworth, Shelly and more. Not sure why I decided to write this poem. It just occurred to me one day at University thinking about all this literature I had to read and understand. Why must I learn this? How does it help me? Is it giving me insights into life I didn’t know before?

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Plymouth GTX - Unique Mopar of the late 1960s

Published 01 June 2019 | Posted under Canada

The Plymouth division of Chrysler corporation had produced some outstanding muscle cars during the 1960s. They had a wide range of models for all price ranges, as almost all American car brands had. Plymouth was Chrysler’s budget brand, much like Chevrolet was GM’s budget brand. The top of the line muscle car was the Plymouth GTX (Grand Touring X, I presume). For me, The GTX has a special place in my heart. As a teenager in Ontario, I owned two of them. And I was the only kid in the neighbourhood who had one, so when my friends saw the car they knew it was me. Because I enjoyed those cars so much, its story needed a honoured place on my blog. Note that this article was first published on

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More fun with Adobe Illustrator

Published 01 May 2019 | Posted under Documentation

I suppose I’m stating the obvious but to me greed and wanton lust for cash has gotten a bit out of hand today. As much as I hope it will not happen, I see foreboding clouds of an economic bubble about to burst. In many cities in North America, housing prices have reached levels unheard of. What young family can hope to own a home today? Yet, the stock markets have continued to roar into the stratosphere. Many companies making little or no profits yet their stock prices are astronomical. What about the wages for typical worker, whether in high tech or industry? It’s common knowledge that wages have stagnated for years. I made this graphic using Adobe Illustrator over 20 years ago yet it seems so relevant if not more so today.

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Fun with Adobe Illustrator

Published 01 April 2019 | Posted under Documentation

Somewhere hidden deep inside me is an illustrator waiting to come out. Well, frankly, it will wait a long time mostly because working with Illustrator is a pain in the arse. However, when I got into it, creating graphics using Illustrator was quite fun. Many moons ago I took a graphics and animation course at a school on Vancouver Island, Canada. After making some really unmemorable illustrations, I was given an assignment to create an illustration using most of what I learned. After thinking about it for a while, actually about 30 seconds to be precise, I came up with the perfect thing to illustrate - the can of coke sitting on my desk in front of me. It looked like a good challenge. It was familiar to everyone and a good 3-dimensional object. So, here it is.

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John Ware, Canada's Legendary Cowboy (1845-1905)

Published 01 March 2019 | Posted under Canada

Sometimes in life, you get to meet the most amazing people. No, I’m not talking about the day I met a former Canadian Prime Minister, which was rather underwhelming. I’m talking about the time I met the daughter of a legendary Canadian cowboy who told me about her father John Ware. This is the story about how I first learned about a real legend, a man whom the Blackfoot Indians called “Matoxy Sex Apee Quin” because they thought he was related to the spirits. John Ware was undoubtedly one of the best cowboys ever to ride on the prairies of 19th century Alberta, Canada. What makes his story even more amazing than his skill is his backstory. He was a freed slave who made Canada home and became a hero to many black Canadians. This is his story.

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