About this blog

Over the years I've thought about usability, technology and technical documentation. These posts are an attempt to document a few of these topics, including creating docs using LaTex. I also have an interest in the histories of Upper Canada and of the European Reformation.

Setting up a Mac to run Ruby and Jekyll
I had some challenges trying to run Ruby and Jekyll on my Mac. Don't ask why. Probably not enough coffee or the fact that I was new to using Macs, having run Bill Gates OS for many years. Anyway, I finally got it running and basically this is how I did it.

The Value of a Smile
Well, it works for me.

Mark Twain's famous appendix on the German language
During a period of sixteen months - April 1878 to September 1879 - the famous American author Mark Twain made a journey through Europe. In his book "A Tramp Abroad" (1880) there is a very funny appendix called "The Awful German Language".

The Circle
I little poem I found about being overly self-important.

Dead Zones where users don't know what they should do next
If there is one place where we face the importance of the design of everyday things every day, it is the traffic intersection. Designed right they are entirely safe but designed wrong and they become Dead Zones. Software designed wrong can also lead to "Dead Zones" where users have no idea what to do next.

Why do houses have driveways? You'd think you'd know, but you could be wrong
If I had a donut with my coffee, I'd eat it. Why wouldn't I? If I bought a donut, I intend on eating it. Why then do some people who have driveways here in Berlin not use them? A thought worth pondering.

Finding hidden dialogs in Windows 10
I've lost dialongs dragging them around and then putting my PC in sleep mode and then not turning on my attached monitor. This explains how to find them again.

Basic git commands
Some simple git commands I sometimes use.

Securing access to a Windows 10 account
Learn how to enable security settings for a Windows 10 OS.

The return of markup languages, sort of
After all these years of technological innovations in page layout software, we have now come full circle back to the simplicity of the early years of writing. The link between writing on paper with a pen and writing in a plain text editor such as Atom is surprisingly very short.