Fun with Adobe Illustrator

Somewhere hidden deep inside me is an illustrator waiting to come out. Well, frankly, it will wait a long time mostly because working with Illustrator is a pain in the arse. However, when I got into it, creating graphics using Illustrator was quite fun. Many moons ago I took a graphics and animation course at a school on Vancouver Island, Canada. After making some really unmemorable illustrations, I was given an assignment to create an illustration using most of what I learned. After thinking about it for a while, actually about 30 seconds to be precise, I came up with the perfect thing to illustrate - the can of coke sitting on my desk in front of me. It looked like a good challenge. It was familiar to everyone and a good 3-dimensional object. So, here it is.

Study in Coke Can-ness by Glenn J. Lea

Study in Coke Can-ness by Glenn J. Lea. Copyright GJL 2020,

It isn’t an exact copy of the can of coca cola. I spent hours looking at a can in front of my keyboard and recreated the font, the lines, the artwork using Adobe Illustrator. I changed the colours somewhat, just for fun.