Finding Hidden Dialogs in Windows 10

01 May 2018

Some time ago I lost a dialog for an application. It slithered out of screen, well actually two screens. Apparently this is a problem that occurs when using dual monitors. If you have ever lost a window or dialog for an application using Windows 10, you’ve probably wondered how can I possibly find it. Well, you may probably find it by tabbing through the open applications using Alt + Tab but you might not be able to use your mouse pointer to grab the window and move it about. So, this is how I was able to catch the errant dialog.

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Human Factors at the University of Waterloo

01 April 2018

Some years ago the University of Waterloo in Waterloo, Canada redesigned the south entrance to the university. What caught my eye was how the university went about redesigning the entrance. They asked the entire university community to submit plans for a new entrance. They didn’t ask professional architectural firms nor even to its own Architecture and Environmental departments. (1)

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Learning to Love Markup Languages

01 March 2018

Having worked with WYSIWG tools such as FrameMaker most of my early working career, it was really hard getting used to writing documents in a markup language. I needed the comfort of a WYSIWYG editor and not having to wait for some compiler or typesetter to generate the output just to “see” what it looks like. That was a really big barrier to overcome.

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